How to remove wrinkles around the eyes at home

The first wrinkles on the face, which a girl can observe in herself, appear at the age of 25 years. These are mimic wrinkles resulting from muscle contractions. With age, wrinkles become deeper due to the irreversible aging processes occurring in the body. One of the most problematic areas is the area around the eyes, so it is important to provide it with proper care and effective prevention.

How to make a keratin hair straightening with your own hands

Only a hundred years ago only wealthy ladies could have beautiful and healthy hair. After all, care for them not only requires a lot of time and effort, but also a lot of money. Today, nothing has changed drastically. Many women can not afford long hair, because they are exposed to negative factors, and to maintain a lively beauty is very difficult and expensive.

How to quickly learn to run for short and long distances

Immediately after birth, a person does not have an innate ability to sport. He learns to swim and run as he gets older. But not all adults boast such skills and abilities. If you are interested in how to quickly learn to run for short and long distances, this is commendable. Action Plan for Beginners I will give a little attention to the exercises, with the help of which you will increase stamina and master the technique of fast running.

How to clean white sneakers from fabric

Bright shoes look incredibly beautiful, but easy to get dirty. Even small scratches, tiny spots and dirt are strongly noticeable on a snow-white surface. For fashionable shoes to look attractive, it needs proper care, so let's consider how to clean white sneakers from the fabric of the house.

Thrush in women - symptoms, causes, treatment and diet

Thrush is an extremely unpleasant infectious disease of the skin and mucous membranes. Candida fungus, provoking candidiasis, constantly lives on the human body in moderation. It is located on the skin, in the mouth, in the genitourinary and digestive system. Problems arise when the fungus begins to develop rapidly.